Sex and the City

Spolier Alert

I am one of those die hard SATC fans that was outside the theatre at 9:15 am waiting in line to buy my tickets.  With that said, I am still a die hard fan and I did enjoy the movie, but I was a bit disappointed.  Since this is a fashion blog and not a movie review I will only comment on the fashion.  I loved the fashion and I think Pat Field is a genius, however I thought there should have been more variety.  I thought the Middle Eastern inspired headgear and harem pants were fabulous as well as the bright colors, but hello? … Where were ALL the Manolos?  I did love that Carrie opted for her skimpy Christian Dior dress from season 3, but overall I was hoping to see a little more of the traditional Carrie, but maybe we will see more of that in movie #3… here’s hoping!  What were your thoughts?

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2 responses to “Sex and the City

  1. MoM aka Grandma

    You are 1 amazing woman and I am so proud of you!

  2. 1st I would like to say I LOVE your blog! I am so happy that I found this and can share my passion for SATC fashion!!! I have to say I say that I watched the movie last Sunday and I personally have NEVER been so inspired by fashion as I was during that movie! If I could say one thing about it, it would be that I officially have “NO FEAR” when getting dressed after watching this! I should tell you I have been OBSESSED with Carrie Bradshaw since day one, but when I really fell in love with her style was Season 3, and to be honest I actually think this was some of the best fashion yet! Or maybe it was I just relate more to the ladies now that I am a but older! You have to admit that whether you liked the fashion this time or not, it’s the way the girls work it that really is what gets you going…or in my case gives me chills!:)

    Keep the great posts coming, Love your style!!!

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