leaving on a jet plane

Airport style< three factors are very important when selecting an outfit for flying.  A. comfort B. simple yet stylish C. won’t easily wrinkle. Secondly, with all of the tedious security regulations (which we are secretly grateful for) I recommend wearing shoes that are easy to get in and out of, and don’t get carried away with excess baggage!  I see these  people lugging around huge suitcases all over Europe and I’m thinking, have they noticed the size of the hotel rooms here or the size of cars?    For this reason, whenever possible I only bring carry on luggage.  I also usually bring a hat or headscarf because my hair tends to look pretty scary after a long flight. 

jacket F21, gray bodysuit American Apparel, black jeggings Citizens of Humanity, hat (NY street purchase)

luggage rolling duffel bag Diane von Furstenburg (she makes excellent luggage, I highly recommend)!


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