Spilling the beans…

It’s time to officially make the announcement on my blog… I’m preggers (13.5 weeks to be exact)!  So if you were noticing a looked a little more round, it wasn’t your imagination!  This is our first baby and we couldn’t be more excited.  The last ultrasound tech said it was 85% a girl… London James von Bluecher is due July 15th, 2011.  If it turns out they were wrong (we’ll know in a week) then we will be thrilled to have a baby boy Taggert Sullivan von Bluecher.   So this being my first, it will be challenging to tackle my love for style while sporting an ever-growing baby bump, and I do hope you will join me (and aid me) on this journey!

wearing- Faux fur jacket H&M, faux fur vest Filene’s Basement, sweatshirt and leggings shop in SoHo, booties Bamboo, scarf Italy (gift)


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