winter stroll

Hello all!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Superbowl weekend!  Nothing new here, just ready for some warmer weather.  I am getting so sick of all the layering especially since I’m starting to not fit into a lot of my clothes.  A friend of mine told me Forever 21 had a maternity section so I hit that up this weekend.  Unfortunately, I was in a hurry however I got some good basics.  The best purchase was a belly band, for those of you that are expecting or are already Mommies, this is a necessity.  They are usually around $30 but at F21 they are only $7.80!  They also had a good selection of lingere, I took advantage of this, since I need to upgrade my bra to a D, I didn’t want to spend $50 at Victoria’s Secret since this will only be temporary. 

wearing- Green jacket Old Navy, leather jacket Target, flannel Target, belt vintage, jeans F21, belly band F21, boots Coach



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2 responses to “winter stroll

  1. Jess u look so cute!
    Please be careful of the ice & snow
    MOM xoxo

  2. Yes, that is a cute outfit – love the boots! And your bump is so neat and tidy – how do you do it?

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