I am Jessica von Bluecher.  Just a Cali girl living in the Big Apple. I moved here from San Diego a little over a year ago with my husband Eric and our dog Soldier.  I started this blog because I enjoy getting dressed up, whether it is in 4 inch heels or sandals. However, I often find myself feeling like I just can’t put an outfit together, that is when I look to other girls blogs to get ideas.  I hope my blog will do the same for you! I also LOVE a deal and to me expensive doesn’t always equal quality or fashion.  I am an  equal opportunity offender when it comes to things I like whether it is $5 or hundreds I don’t discriminate.  So here is my attempt at a style blog, for the Carrie in all of us!


2 responses to “Bio

  1. Melody

    Hey I’m so jealous … New York is my absolutely dream city …. but I live in a boring tiny village in Germany… Your blog is a great hope you don’t stop posting…. It’ll be great to get your answer cause my probs are similar to yours… i ‘ve just get a little baby few months ago tried to fit my old clothes and also try to find the carrie in me…
    best wishes melo

  2. Melody

    oh i’ve just i haven’t sended my e-mail it’s

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